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Trixie loves her books
Trixie Loves Her Books
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Everybody has a weakness! And some have more than one! I happen to be a member of the latter group. One of my many achilles heels is books.
I love to read. And if a book is really good, I have been known to read it more than once, sometimes even more than twice!!

The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets
by Eva Rice (2005)

This is a quirky, retro-inspired novel about growing up in post-war England, falling in love, living in a great big tumbling-down house named Magna, and finally...you guessed it! Keeping secrets!

With an array of delightfully eccentric characters, from a beautiful but lonely young war widow, some
impetuous, scatty socialites, and a magician, to a dashing Hollywood producer, I wished I'd known all of them personally.

Perfect for when you need something light (but not fluffy), optimistic, and enjoyable to read. It's Molly Keane's classic Good Behaviour meets Bridget Jones's Diary, if Bridget Jones was eighteen and living in 1954, and er, named Penelope. ****

How To Talk To A Widower
Jonathan Tropper (2007)

Doug Parker is a young, handsome widower. He lost his beautiful wife Haley (ten years his senior) in a plane crash just over a year ago and he's still miserable. But life is carrying on around him nonetheless. Doug's angry stepson Russ has fallen in with a bad crowd. His twin sister Claire is single and pregnant and his little sister Debbie is about to get married.

Slowly but surely he gets dragged back into the world of the living and the crazy world of dating (New York style). Doug is like your best guy friend, the kind of man you just want to hug and lead by the hand because he's constantly getting himself into trouble, i.e. getting into random arguments in his front garden and having jealous husbands run after him.

This novel is one part melancholic prose, one part Hollywood plot-iness, and two parts mirthful craziness. Think Ethan Hawke's'Ash Wednesday with a dash of Sex And The City(read Carrie Bradshaw is suddenly a man). I've read it twice. ***


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